Consolidate customer and vendor balances

A company that you do business with might be both a customer and a vendor. When that’s the case, you can avoid making unnecessary payments or receipts and save on transaction fees by consolidating the customer and vendor balances.

Feature details

You can turn a contact company into a customer or vendor by using the Create as Customer or Create as Vendor actions on the Contact Card page. This link is a prerequisite for seeing the Balance as Vendor field on the Customer page and the Balance as Customer field on the Vendor page.

Shows Create as, Vendor functions to create a vendor from contact.

The Customer Card page offers the Balance as Vendor field, and the Vendor Card page includes the Balance as Customer field for companies that were created or linked to the same contact company.

Shows Balance As Vendor field when customer is created as a vendor.

On the Payment Journal page, you can use the Net Customer/Vendor Balances action to net the customer and vendor balances for the company.

Shows Net Customer/Vendor Balances action on Payment Journal page

The Net Customer/Vendor Balances action creates payment journal lines to which the net balances for a customer and vendor are linked.

Shows payment journal lines that the Net Customer/Vendor Balances action creates.
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