Why Choose Us

Why Choose


With 20+ years of experience we have probably tried it before

Nothing can replace experience. People that know the product inside and out and who posses the the basic information that is required to get the process going, is a great asset to the company. We have the knowledge from when Dynamics NAV was first established back in the 80’ties.

Business understanding and programming goes together

Programming in a flexible and dynamic ERP solution like Dynamics NAV requires special skills from the developer. Knowledge of how a business is executed is essential, otherwise we might end up with a solution that does not work. We possess skills that merge the two “worlds” together.

Structure and timing are crucial in order to make a success.

Make a plan, follow the plan and make adjustments when required. Sounds easy and straight forward and in a way it is, but it is however often forgotten. We strive to create a plan that is detailed enough without becoming to time consuming to handle and track..

Things does not stop after implementation, it is then time to stay on top.

After any successful implementation comes daily operation. A known fact in business is that things keep changing and sometimes fast. Consequently there is always a need for daily support and a good partner with whom you can discuss the new requirements. We are committed to our customers, we see it as a long time commitment..

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