Check documents and journals in while you work

To alert you about issues with data in documents and journals that can prevent you from posting, we’ve introduced validations that identify issues right away. Early, unobtrusive visual indications of a problem can help improve productivity and save time.

Feature details

If your administrator enables Feature: Check documents and journals while you work on the Feature Management page, Business Central will validate the data you enter on documents and journals while you work. If you’re just reviewing documents while approving them, this capability may not be of use to you. If that’s the case, your admin can turn off the Enable Data Check toggle on the General Ledger Setup page.

Shows new Enable Data Check option in General Ledger Setup page.


This feature will be turned on by default in a future release. When that happens, the Feature: Check documents and journals while you work option will no longer be available on the Feature Management page. You’ll be able to turn the feature on or off by using the Enable Data Check toggle on the General Ledger Setup page.

If you turn on the Enable Data Check toggle on the General Ledger Setup page, a notification will display on documents where the check document capability is available.

Shows Purchase invoice page that allows user to show Document Check FactBox.

If you choose Enable this for me in the notification, the Document Check FactBox will appear, and Business Central will start checking the document for issues while you enter information. The Issues Total tile in the FactBox shows the total number of issues that Business Central found. You can choose the tile to open an overview of the issues.

Shows Document Check FactBox on Purchase Invoice.

If you want to stop using Document Check, you can turn off the Show the Document Check FactBox toggle on the My notifications page.

Shows how to disable Show the Document Check FactBox notification in My notifications page.


The Journal Check FactBox is always enabled for journals. You can hide the FactBox by personalizing the page.

Shows Journal Check FactBox in General Journal page.


You must have Feature: Check documents and journals while you work enabled in the Feature Management page to use this capability.

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